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Declaration of purposes - Privacy Policy

The Credit Union Consultancy provides free information and news on credit union matters to all credit unions.

The International Credit Union Leadership Development & Education Company Ltd. (a Charitable Company No: 7944277) provides credit union education development programmes to new start-up and established credit unions and tries to rescue, revive and return to self-sufficiency and solvency ailing and failing credit unions.  Initial telephone consultations made by telephone are free of charge.

By prior agreement, fees and costs incurred by the Company are charged.  In an emergency situation such a statutory and regulatory non-compliance or impending insolvency requiring immediate intervention or action, fees and costs must be subject to a verbal agreement.

The International Credit Union Leadership Development & Education Foundation is the body that promotes the Edward Filene Credit Union Awards for Performance Excellence for Great Britain & Ireland and the Joe Biden Awards for the Development Educator of the Year from Africa, Asia, Australasia, Caribbean, Europe and North America.

The Foundation also awards bursaries to qualifying credit union activists to undertake Development Educator courses outside their homelands to enhance their knowledge and skill sets.


The Credit Union Consultancy gathers the names of credit unions published by the Regulatory bodies that are in the public domain.

Most of those credit unions have websites open to public view that provide email addresses and telephone numbers.  The email address displayed sometimes includes the name of a specific person or persons to whom emails should be addressed.

The International Credit Union Leadership Development & Education Company Ltd. has a website that explains what the Company does commercially and makes specific responses to the persons and organisations that contact it by letter, email and telephone.  Every so often, through the Credit Union Consultancy, it will send out by email global communications to all credit unions, usually as result of events brought to its notice that effect all or some credit unions.  These emails are addressed to specific persons if those names are in the email address of the credit union or emails have been received from that individual hitherto.

The ICULD&E Company Ltd has a Data Protection License and holds Professional Indemnity, Employees Public and Products Liability Insurances.  One of its Directors is a qualified practitioner Member of the Institute for (Business) Turnaround and Transformation (the IfT) and abides by its professional code.

The International Credit Union Leadership Development & Education Foundation both promotes, gives published notice of the “Filene” and “Biden” Awards and awards the bursaries to “Pell Scholars”.

To publicise its activities it posts them on its website, sends emails to the named person and organisations on the databases of the Credit Union Consultancy.

It also elicits support from sponsors, donors and now support organisations of credit unions, who are not competitors to nor have exclusive arrangements with some credit unions and not others.  The names of people and organisations are in the public domain.


All data is held securely on our databases and antivirus software is installed.  Only one Director of the Company, a Trustee of the Foundation has access to this data and very rarely our software contractor. The other Director of the Company and Trustee of the Foundation has impaired sight and motor skills and so doesn’t use a computer.  Hard copy documents are printed out for him and these are stored for his exclusive use.  Both methods are subject to constant regular view and deletion.

Data is not shared or released in remote or hard copy form to any other “firm” or organisation, other than to Officers/Offices of the State and Government Regulators that can have a legal or regulatory right to view it.


Definition  The definition of this personal data are the words that identify you personally.  The use of a first name does not; a first and last name does!

Our use of your personal data

We only use and store securely your personal data on our computerised and hard copy records if …..

  1. you have voluntarily provided it to us yourself on a letter or email sent to us.
  2. it is available in the public domain, easily visible to all of those who look for it.
  3. it is plainly visible in full that identifies you as a person to communicate with at your mother credit union or organisation.
  4. you voluntarily telephone or text us and leave a message, disclosing your full personal identity, i.e. first and last names.

If you should leave your mother credit union and/or employer or change your position within it and you are no longer the right person to receive incoming communications from us on any issues, we should be informed in writing and all references to your personal data will be removed from our data, specifically your full name (first and last name), your personal email address/identity and personal known telephone number/extension.  We will only keep your personal data that identifies you as a person for as long as you have any relationship with us.

If you personally would like a free copy of the personal data that identifies you as a “person”, kindly request this in writing (for obvious reasons) and as soon as possible after the receipt of such a request in writing, we will make the necessary corrections to the data held or if requested, delete all reference to you in our records. If your request is “manifestly unfounded or excessive” yet to be defined under the Regulations, a fee could be charged.

We will only keep your personal data if voluntarily provided to us or in the public domain and available to all for as long as you have and retain, according to us, a formal relationship with a “firm” or organisation with which we have a relationship and of which you are an agent.  If this relationship should cease for whatever reason or changes in any way, in both instances you should wherever possible inform us and we will remove your name and any other data previously held from our records and there will be no further contact with you.  If we do not hear from you in any way, we will contact your credit union/organisation asking who we should communicate with henceforth.  When this information is obtained, your identity as a person will be deleted from our records.

As a matter of course, the only personal data that we hold on you as an identifiable person can be

  1. First name only - that does not identify you as a “person”, but a last name does
  2. Last name only - if it is or forms part of the email address of the “firm” (credit union) or organisation that you represent.
  3. Email address of that “firm” or organisation.
  4. If held, your ranking in the “firm” or organisation.
  5. The full address of the “firm” or organisation ascertained from the public domain and/or given voluntarily by you.

We do not request, hold or prospect for any other personal data on you as an identifiable person other than you gave it to us voluntarily such as but not exclusively

  1. Personal home address
  2. Telephone numbers at that address

However we will never ask you to provide or obtain from any other sources any other information in any form about you.


As this is in the public domain, such as databases of the Regulators, credit union leagues or associational bodies, the websites of individual “firms” (credit unions), we will continue to send out bulletins on general financial matters that effect credit unions as “firms”.

We will continue to inform credit union “firms” and individuals, i.e. recognised persons on the website of a credit union “firm” as the contact person of the “Filene” Credit Union Awards for Great Britain and Ireland and the Joe Biden Awards for Development Educator of the Year from Africa, Asia, Australasia, Caribbean, Europe (including Great Britain and Ireland) and North America.

However, if you want your name removed as the contact person, please inform us in writing as soon as possible and henceforth these communications will be addressed to the organisation’s office, e.g. info@........

Using telephone numbers available in the public domain, the Awards Office will continue to telephone all credit unions in Great Britain and the island of Ireland to publicise the “Filene’s” and “Biden’s” and encourage entries (where applicable) for the “Customer Service Officer of the Year” Award.

The Consultancy has never, does not now and will never reveal, publish or speak about the names of its clients/customer, other than to officers of the State entitled to demand this information.  This policy has existed for 25 years, before the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations.


You are free to contact us at any time; both telephone numbers listed below have voicemail that is only listened to by the Company’s Directors/Foundation’s Trustees and any type of correspondence is only responded to by the person to whom it is addressed.

We would like to thank you for your past support of our endeavours and hope this will continue.


Barry and Marilynne Epstein
Directors – ICULD&E Co.Ltd/Co-Trustees – ICULD&E Foundation
Tel Nos: +44(0)208 241 2736/+44(0)771 104 8520


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Privacy Policy

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