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What is a Credit Union?
Who can join a credit union and how?
Can the people running it be trusted with the money of others?
Is there an investment return on my savings?
How does a Credit Union trade? 
How are loans applied for?
How much can be borrowed?
Are those with previous poor credit records able apply for a loan?
Complaints - how are these dealt with? 
What makes credit unions work – the 5 “P”s
What’s in it for the owner-members?
What’s next?

Complaints - how are these dealt with? 

Complaints by owner-members are governed by firm regulatory procedures, to which the credit union and owner-members must comply. These are set by the UK Financial Ombudsman Service. These give the right to all owner-members to register a complaint. The credit union must have internal procedures in place to deal with complaints within a set timescale for resolution, with the final arbiter being the UK Financial Ombudsman Service and/or the UK Courts.


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