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What is a Credit Union?
Who can join a credit union and how?
Can the people running it be trusted with the money of others?
Is there an investment return on my savings?
How does a Credit Union trade? 
How are loans applied for?
How much can be borrowed?
Are those with previous poor credit records able apply for a loan?
Complaints - how are these dealt with? 
What makes credit unions work – the 5 “P”s
What’s in it for the owner-members?
What’s next?

Who can join a credit union and how?

Who can join a credit union? - people, regardless of age, who have a proven legal affinity with each other – often called a “Common Bond” or “Legal Field of Membership” - such as living and/or working in a defined area, such as a county, local authority, workplace, community groups and other combinations. The Consultancy can provide information on constructing a legitimate “Common Bond” to set up a new credit union.

How do you join a credit union? - by finding a credit union in one of the areas noted above and completing an application form (with assistance if necessary), making a commitment to save and providing proof of identity and residence – legal requirements. An increasing number of credit unions have an “on-line” facility for this process.


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